The career and the end of Keynesianism

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The career and the end of Keynesianism


I am looking for a little advice here.

Back in 2009, I became aware that major changes were coming.  I rearranged things in my professional and personal life and now I find that I can get by financially working only a few hours a week.  I am about 40 and have no children.

I know that my situation sounds great but there are problems.  Once I switched from a perspective of business-building (I am self-employed) to a perspective of simple continuation with the least amount of effort, I found that my motivation and desire to continue my business just withered up.  I have a hard time even putting in the small number of hours I do, because I feel I can't really look to or plan for the future anymore.

There are many hours in the week to fill if you only work for 10 of them.  The remaining hours tend to get filled reading sites such as this one.  As great as this site and others are, I know that I will not say on my deathbed, "Damn, I wish I had spent more time on the internet."

I have made great strides regarding preparation, especially in the area of health/fitness and more importantly getting my mind right.  By this I mean creating the mental flexibility that is going to be required to thrive in the years ahead, when the truisms we all know are replaced (probably very quickly) by something else.

So my question is, has anyone in a similar situation come up with something to replace the motivation created by having a successful and forward-looking small business?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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Yes I recognise some of this,

Yes I recognise some of this, ofcourse theres always the question why are we here? the crisis doesnt take this away.

And you may also be experiencing a disillusion of how you were brought up, material wealth doesn't mean anything, maybe the crisis made you aware of this. Plus you're at "midlife" crisis age.

Perhaps we're becoming slaves of our own preparation, this might be exactly what THE MAN wants.

Spiritual gurus would say you have to let it all go and follow your heart to become happy, and the universe will tkae care of you.

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