A Quick Introduction

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A Quick Introduction

I have been in the PM arena since 2003 or so. I am an old Wheatie and still hold all my SLW and most my GG. I am oft times referred to (in derogatory terms) as a "permabull" even though I have many times pointed to upcoming bearish setups. I always prefer to hold and ride the waves rather than try to out guess the rhythms and move in and out. I have an iron will and an iron gut which I use to withstand the machinations.

I have been a regular on the IV PM board (couplover no "e") for years and look forward to bringing some of my insight (FWIW) here. I was made aware of this site by a few posters over there.

Long, strong and always willing to debate on the merits. I really hope this site is not going to go the way of IV. It is truly sad what happened to that once great board.

Long silver mostly via shares and long gold mostly via metal. Too hard to store silver in any quantity IMHO. I recognize the inherent dangers in holding paper, any paper, including shares in silver companies, but keep a close eye on it all and will hopefully exit the train before the blow off and final blow up of the paper market.

PS Sorry if I posted this in incorrect place (on turds blog?) first.

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