Walt Disney Subliminal Messages

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Walt Disney Subliminal Messages

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Sorry Fried Eggs, I don't buy

Sorry Fried Eggs, I don't buy either presentation and it's not because I'm a disbeliever because I know symbolism is used everyday. It might be true that Disney had an ulteria motive but these video's do not demonstrate it.

Symbolic information is generated by the right brain and represents a potential encoded capacity fo around forty billion bits of information. Contrast this with the left brain's palty calculated sum of seven (plus or minus two) bits of info per second. Some less stingy researches now put that number a little hihger, at forty bits per second. Of course, we really don't know. These are just estimations some Ph.D made in their research. The point of the research is that we are processing billions of unconsious pieces of information every second and we are only aware of such a small percentage. Just about every psychologist from Freud can tell you this. This means that in every communication with an individual you are picking up all their unsaid, unconscious information as well, their thoughts, their feelings but few of us are conscious of it. We might know that we don't like somebody we have not even spoken to but can not understand why. Even we are picking up individual's intentions when they post who might not even be conscious of what they are saying. So it is quite possible we can find examples of posts here that have some hidden sexual content. If you are a woman dressed nicely and sexy, you are picking that up anyway. It doesn't mean there is a covert attempt to stimulate you sexually.

The symbolism they are calling satanic is not at all satanic. Many of the symbols the illuminati can be found in other spiritual teachings that have no intention of accessing your unconscious but used for purposes of upliftment. The Nazi swartz sticker is actually an ancient Buddhist symbol meaning peace and harmony that the Nazi's adopted for their use. The third eye is not a satanic symbol either. While it might be used by the Illuminati for their purposes, the third eye has postive meaning in other traditions. A symbol also doesn't have a universal effect on people.

Also,, the original versions of many fairytales that Disney made into movies, were much more erotic, sexually provacative and even down right disgusting in their orginal versions as collected by the Grimms or even Hans Christen Andersen. Disney's version water it all down. Not to say that the message isn't still there but usually the message relates to unconscious human psychological structures. That's why the Jungians use them to discuss typical character disorders.

Also, the freemasons and the illuminati, as I understand them are different just as Rosicrusians and Theosophy are different although they might contain the same elements as often people left one teaching to create their own and borrowed symbolism and concepts. George Washington was a freemason but he wasn't part of the illuminati and these symbols have also been used by both. Symbols that have positive meanings can be used for control if one knows how.

Lastly, there is no dirth of information on this subject as it is in many books and all over the web. I don't see how this is useful for those of us looking to protect ourselves through accumulating precious metals. katie's post was very useful as it provided us insight that could potentially benefit us. Not sure how this or Bob Dylan's association with the illuminati can benefit us.

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