Ways to Spread the Word About Turd

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#1 Wed, Oct 12, 2011 - 4:15pm
Nowhere, AK
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Ways to Spread the Word About Turd

It would be great if we could get the word out about TF Metals Report more. Any ideas? Suggestions?

Wed, Oct 12, 2011 - 5:22pm
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One simple, if time consuming method...

...is to systematically email the admins of the sites/blogs/forums that Turd et al regularly frequent. Some already have TFMR on the blogroll (like ZH), but any that do not, should. And vice versa, having a handy, reasonably short list of maybe a dozen or so sites that 'Turd Reads' could be made in reciprocation, perhaps in a box under the HT Leaderboard? A long list of candidates for this would be:

a) ZH blogroll

b) the blogrolls of all the sites in a)

c) https://www.tfmetalsreport.com/forum/favoritebest-alternative-informatio...

A less sure, and more challenging further step is to submit to other large, respected/respectable blogs key pieces that Turd (or any of the other more seasoned/knowledgeable writers) compile, such as he has done on ZH previously. Perhaps have a 'Guest Post' contest, with maybe a guidelines? Or different ones on different (and VARIED) topics? While having to read through them would be a chore, but would also free up some time for TF in the medium-run, and still provide rich content both for here, and for potential submission elsewhere?

The last is quite obvious, and I have to admit that since I read less of the rest of the web I have been neglecting it - but all readers of TFMR could, and indeed SHOULD be linking this site in the comments of other sites, in their avatar signatures (with a short note on what TFMR is), in their YouTube posts. I won't go so far as to say Facebook, but re-Tweeting Turd's announcements of a new post in a systematic way by lots of readers to their networks could be tried.

Asking admins of topical message forums to put up a reasonable short sticky post with a blurb an a link has worked for me in the past, though temperaments about this vary widely.

Wed, Oct 12, 2011 - 6:11pm
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YouTube & LCS -- TFMR.COM + SEO

So, an epic Wicked Witch episode. Or the TFMR Animated Leaderboard Roundtable Hatch a Plan, with each member choosing an appropriate avatar (I'd LOVE to see BoP's Castro, DPH's Jimi get into serious debate with atlee's Keith Richards, Erik the Happy Viking and the Man With the BIG BAD Yellow Hat). Then everyone proceeds as above, sharing the video with everyone they know and don't know.

Some background on the size and shape of all this:

Social Media Revolution 3 (4:15 version via Erik Qualman)

Or, in a more direct and physical fashion -- tell your local coin shop owner about TFMR if you haven't already. Ask him to put up a small sign or sticker in the shop window with the link to tfmetalsreport.com - I personally have already met a Turdite LCS owner. Though this is extra money, have a fundraiser to buy TFMR.COM, for a more easily remembered domain name:

This domain is for sale.
Please contact steve[at]amdo[dot]com

Last, but definitely not least -- I cannot imagine that there aren't several Turdites well versed in Search Engine Optimization, and savvy to the recent/ongoing changes the engines make in scoring/ranking sites. Maybe some will have ideas in addition to what the technical team/admin are already doing?

Sat, Oct 15, 2011 - 7:15am
Big L
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Forum Guest Posts

I would like to solicit a series of articles written by our members about topics concerning the economy, past and future.

These would not be blog posts, but short articles to be posted in the forums.

About 1 page in length, highlighting focused subjects.

The object of this exercise is to expose TFMetals to a new audience searching for answers, and to help them educate themselves.

The articles, should Turd choose to publish them as such (as opposed to a blog post) would provide focus for the search engines and potentially gain SEO rankings and traffic.

Of course I can't guarantee a article will ever be anything more that a forum post. I have no control but....

Preparing for the future begins with understanding the past. Education is the key.

#1 HOW WE GOT HERE Suggested mini topics:

The Federal Reserve, who benefits?

How Easy Credit inflated our Economy.

The Effects of Collusion between Wall Street and our Government.

What Creates Wealth?

What Destroys Wealth?

How does inflation work?

What is Glass - Steagall? What did it do?

What is the difference between banking and investing?

What do banks do with our money?

What is fractional banking?

How did the mortgage collapse create such a mess?

Why did housing prices get so high?

I'll create a forum for the articles. Please keep in mind these articles may well be read by people who don't understand, how we got here, what it all means, any of our jargon. etc. Please choose any topic that interests you, not limited to the above, but which do focus on the main topic, for this week, "how we got here". The mini articles don't have to be submitted on any specific time frame, but a new focus will be presented each week. Feel free to suggest further topics.

Mon, Oct 8, 2012 - 11:49pm
Mr. Fix
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It would still work now.....

I know that you still read zero hedge regularly, and on some rare occasions, I even see your silly yellow hat in the middle of the thread. Even though you have a link on zero hedge, it would probably be beneficial to you if you put a little bit more commentary in the middle of one of their gold threads, and then left a link to your site. It worked then, it most certainly would still work now. Also, I had accumulated nearly 350 “close friends” on market watch before my account got pulled by their administrators. I have been actively trying to find a way to communicate with the ones that I still see on zero hedge, and have been trying to convince them to sign up on TF metals report. Unfortunately, there is no way to send a personal message. Good luck with your site, it is a godsend for me. Unfortunately, as far as all of my friends are concerned, I am starting over from scratch, but I sincerely hope to be here for a very long time. Mr. Fix

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