MF globals daily commentary

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Woody Mornings
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MF globals daily commentary

Please take a look at the comments section of this video......I'll cut and paste a couple.....

"Phil did you see the CNBC article stating the CFTC has the vote in inact position limits. Vote is on the 18th. Should see metals Bounce. What you take?

AAE2009R 2 hours ago"

"There are already position limits in place. Now if the position limit is decreased which is highly likely, your thought process is that some "big short" would need to cover sending the market higher. As much as I want to believe this. I don't see it happening. Argue with me all you want. I've seen and heard this story a thousand times. The reality is no one can confirm exactly how that "big short" maintains its position." - Phil

mfglobal 42 minutes ago Anyone care to comment on Phil's responses?......there are more on the actual youtube page.
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