News Release: FBI, DEA Disrupt Iranian Terror plot.

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Captain Hank Murphy
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News Release: FBI, DEA Disrupt Iranian Terror plot.

I don't buy it. Sounds like MOPE so we can add yet another MENA country to our growing list of "kinetic military actions". Also one of the few central bank-less countries left on this planet. 

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I Run Bartertown
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I suppose the only prudent thing to do is a massive invasion and open-ended occupation of Iran. American lives and funds be damned. Right, Bibi?


When DOTS sends its Boomers, they're not sending their best. They're sending people that have lots of shit-tier memes,and they're bringing those debunked hippy ideas with us. They're bringing NAXALT. They're bringing Magic Soil Theory. They're cucks. And some, I assume are good Boomers.

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I don't buy it either, just

I don't buy it either, just more distraction released just in time as Holder is raked over the coals...You cannot trust any information released by our government.  We must never take the news at face value. 

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Whatever...Mexican hit-men

Whatever...Mexican hit-men are legendary, don't you know?  ;)

So...4 countries without central Rotchild banks remain...Cuba, Iran, North Korea and Sudan. Recently it was seven, the other three: Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan.

You'd think Cuba, Sudan or N Korea would be easier to invade and set up rule than Iran.

But, what do I know, I'm not out to control people. I just wonder which 'evil-until-they-are-rotchild-controlled' country is next. I'm feeling a sense of urgency with Iran. Kinda like Iraq a few years ago. Hurry up and invade before they get us! Don't you see what they do? They are grinding us down! The land of the free!

*/sarc here and there

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