Breakthrough! Wife is onboard with PMs.

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plata larga
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Breakthrough! Wife is onboard with PMs.

I "woke up" a couple of years ago and started buying physical PMs (and other SHTF preps) on the down low with my crazy money. I gradually let on to my wife (a hot, intelligent M.B.A. who handles the family finances) that I was buying PMs and that we ought to make them part of our investment strategy. She already thought I was crazy with the firearms, spare cash and extra food... Nonetheless, she has humored me and agreed to invests a token amount of our net worth into PMs over the last couple of years. It doesn't hurt that they have out performed our other assets.

Anyway, tonight we were talking about my son's college applications and financial aid; he is a senior in HS with good prospects. Nonetheless, we have to fill out the govt (FSFA) form to get him a merit scholarship, and it is very personally invasive in terms of declaring financials. My lovely wife looked at me and said, "I wish we had more money in gold and silver. At, least we could have some wealth that doesn't have to be declared (to the authorities)." I said, "Yes! That's exactly what I have been trying to tell you for the past couple of years."

From now on, she agreed that we should put excess cash toward PMs rather than other more conventional investments.

Here's to little victories.


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PL: May I direct you and your

PL: May I direct you and your wive post 22 in What was your prep today? by Laineyisat.

If you are Christian, this should do it for her.

My wife read it, and a light bulb went on. Everything I had been saying crystalized in one moment with that post. Since then it's been prep on.

Congrats. I totally get it.

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