Revolutions, 9/11, and a familiar bald head

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Revolutions, 9/11, and a familiar bald head

While I agree with the Turd's recent controversial post (thanks for knocking the sense back into me, actually), I think it's utterly absurd that he would compare "policemen" on 9/11 to policemen now, as if they were any better then.

Newsflash, we still had the drug war, pointless state harassment, and cops busting people's doors down on 'suspicion' of one victimless 'crime' or another. And, last I checked, if the cops don't WANT to break your door down then they'll take their sweet ass time getting there, if they come at all (which they may as long as they suspect they might be able to harass you for calling them).

I've heard numerous cases of, for instance, a woman who had a restraining order against an ex, found him breaking into her apartment and threatening her etc, and when she called the cops they literally laughed at her or dismissed her claim. I've heard this same sort of story repeated from different states, too, so it's not like cops are crooked thugs in just one place.

Although not all cops are bad, if only 100 out of how many thousand in new york are honest enough to stay home and lay off peaceful (and lawful) protesters, (and apparently many fewer in pittsburgh, where they literally had a para-military practice massacre) then how can you really defend their existence as a whole?

To romanticize about 9/11 is absolutely meaningless in this context. For one, they got scammed into giving their lives. Occasionally in hollywood, when they want to shoot a scene and have it come out natural, they won't tell one of the actor's what's going on- they just have to ad-lib the part and see what happens. In this case, the police and firefighters got to play the red shirt.

Furthermore, isn't it just so convenient that everyone got what they wanted out of 9/11? The bankers got their war in the middle east. The government got to steal like a trillion dollars worth of gold, and the FBI and the police got their police state laws allowing them to do whatever they want today, including wiretapping your phones, breaking into your house without a warrant (guess who the court will defend in that situation), and apparently, beating the crap out of college students.

Speaking of bankers, given his track record, I would bet you my life savings that Lloyd Blankfein had more to do with 9/11 than any "arab terrorist organization" did (Lloyd owns the 'terrorists' anyway).

That said, it doesn't matter whether you ask for welfare or for the police to come to your door, the moment you ask for government, you ask for slavery, starting with the fact that policemen's paychecks come out of your paychecks involuntarily (whether through taxation or printing).

You ask for free education, you get child prisons and marxist indoctrination.

You ask for free healthcare, you get an endless mountain of happy pills and crony doctors.

You ask for free security, and you get a police state.

You ask for free money, and you'll need a wheelbarrow to carry enough for a loaf of bread.

I just think it's utterly hypocritical to denounce one act of group-think and praise another in the same breath.

Inevitably, only one thing can result whenever a large number of idiots tries to groupthink their way out of a big problem, no matter what form the problem or the 'solution' may take.

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