Red Eagle Mining

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Red Eagle Mining

Just back from a few days in Vancouver. I have to say, I love where I live and wouldn't move....but if I had to go somewhere, that is where it would be.  Miner Mecca.  I'm just starting a dd process on Red Eagle Mining - a Colombian gold explorer.  They just started turning two drills beginning of the month so there isn't anything in the way of a resource yet.  Market cap 35 mm with roughly 15 mm in cash/equivalents. 

Explorers aren't usually my cup of tea.  But I did happen to meet Ian Slater the CEO and the two top geo guys, Bob Bell and Tim Petterson.  They impressed me more than enough to venture out of my usual jr near term producer realm and take a look, though not a position yet.  Curious if anyone on here knows of the company?  

They have some buzz

and Sprott is in

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