Top Secret America

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Top Secret America

In looking at the financial markets it's clear that the world faces daunting challenges. Many feel that either govt. succumbed to the base instincts of criminal cabal bankers or the criminal cabal of bankers simply took over world govt.'s. Either way, the result is the same, facist rule by an empowered and unaccountable few.

So where did multiple trillions of dollars go? I don't think they just evaporated, at least not without being used to some extent.

In 1971 Nixon closed the gold window and the world went to a purely fiat monetary system backed by debt. I don't have the hard data but do not doubt for a min. that when that change occurred in 1971 that a massive amount of bonds were issued. Most likely 30yr. bonds? Well, 9/11 should answer that question eh?

But still, since 9/11 where has all the new and rolled debt funding been spent? It's my belief that it's been spent by the shadow govt. which has long been funded by the shadow banking system. For what purpose? To avoid paying out on the 1971 bonds among other things imho.

The video below is not some radical piece and I strongly urge everyone to take the time and watch it. Afterward, if you still don't believe what you know to be true then America is already lost and the criminal cabal that runs things has won.

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