Is there a US Media Blackout on Emerging Economies?

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Is there a US Media Blackout on Emerging Economies?

I'm starting to look at the us mass media and not only question the content that they deliver, but also the content that they do not deliver.

How is it that I'm 30 years old and have no idea what Chinese culture is like?  When is the last time you saw an american news reporter delivering a story from Bangalore India?   What about Brazil?

I feel completely blinded because I dont know anything about these cultures, their economy.   I feel like this is done intentionally to keep americans in the dark as if America is the only place on the planet that matters. 

Some questions I have, and this just random.  What does the typical chinese house look like?  What are indian weddings like?  What does Brazil's manufacturing base look like?

I'm just musing but I think I may be onto something.  These media crews have placed us in a mental cage and I want out.

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Great topic. US mainstream

Great topic.

US mainstream media certainly plays a part in this but I believe it to be a part of a bigger issue.  I've found that most Americans simply don't have the desire to learn about other cultures.  Whether it is religion, economies, cultural practices I've always found that many of my peers are simply uninterested in trying to learn about others.  Some are even proud of their ignorance and exclaim so.

This certainly shifts in metropolitan areas where cultural differences are more apparent and one is exposed to these on a daily basis.

I've always been intrigued with other cultures and wanted to travel to other countries since I as a child.  I always felt that being open minded and trying to understand/learn about other cultures would not only educate me about countries I visited but perhaps help me in a much broader sense.  I felt it was part of my duty as a human being to try and understand others.  

The phrase 'mental cage' is perfect.  

With the arrival of the internet there really is no excuse for the ignorance since all of the information is at our fingertips.

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