Who Has Gold And Silver

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Who Has Gold And Silver

Looking to buy? Hu's got silver!


No, I said Hu's got silver.


No, JPM has paper so Hu's got silver.


No, they have swapped silver from LBMA.

Then LBMA has silver.

No, Hu's got silver. The LBMA loaned out all their silver so Hu's got silver.

The FED?

No, they have gold receipts.

Not paper gold?

No, GLD has paper gold.

So Hu has the gold?

No, Hu's got silver.

Then Hu's got gold???

That's what I'm asking!!


Argh, Hu's got silver.


So Hu's got silver?

Now you got it.

Then Hu's got gold?

NO! Hu's got silver.

So nobody knows Hu's got gold but everybody knows Hu's got silver?


We better find out Hu's got gold then!


Because I want to buy from Hu's selling gold.

You can't.

So why can't I buy from Hu's selling gold?

Your money is no good, you have to buy with Yuan.

I have to buy with Yuan? But Yuan doesn't have a job anymore or any money.

You still have to buy with Yuan.

Ok, but first I have to find out Hu's got gold.

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