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Forum search?

Finding anything specific on the forums using the google search is an exercise in futility.  For this, or any, forum to be a useful information tool it needs to be searchable, the more granular the better. (That means options to "search specific forums, specific users, search within individual posts, etc...)  With threads like Pailin's corner growing so large granular search is not a convenience, it's a necessity.  The omission was a huge oversight, imo...


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TPaine, we made a conscious

TPaine, we made a conscious decision to not include advanced search functionality in the initial launch of the site.  Our goals were to build the site as quickly as possible and keep the overall budget within reason.  While a robust search engine would certainly be a nice feature, it did not make it to our short list for the first phase.

We did build a "Comments Search" solution that should help most people find what they are seeking.  This can be found by clicking the "Comments" link on the top navigation menu or by visiting this page:

If you would like to accelerate the implementation of a more detailed forum search engine, feel free to click the "Feed the Turd" button in the upper right corner, send Turd a donation, and let him know you'd like the funds to go toward deploying this asap.  Thanks.


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