POTUS Eligibility

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POTUS Eligibility

Two important questions for any elected official who swore an oath to uphold the Constitution:

  1. What do you think the Framers intended by using the phrase, "natural born Citizen," in Art. II, Sec.1?
  2. How can a person born with dual citizenship be a natural born Citizen?
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kinda quiet here.... so here's something to think about

".....The biological father may not be the person that the child consciously remembers raising them during childhood; and once again, this encourages deep dissociation: the consciously remembered "Daddy" may not be the survivor's real father.

Identity confusion is also layered in. The name the child goes by during the daytime may be quite different from their "real" name, or even the name on their birth certificate. A child of high lineage may discover that they weren't born in the United States, but in Europe, if the ties to the European bloodlines are great enough; or even that their American birth certificate was forged, to cover their European one."


Look at the date of the article.

OK, so if you don't click on it, here it is: October 6,


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