Silver won't hold at 27

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Silver won't hold at 27

Technical correction of this type breaking down from a consolidation area should target 22.50 area.  Wait to buy for a confirmation on a bottom, the banks need to get there shorts off one more time. 

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Silver Update - Endless Mountain

Web Surfing 09.23.2011 Silver,

Casino Jackpots, Bankers etc

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Their. Which horse in the 7th


Which horse in the 7th race tomorrow to show?



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Catch a bid

Catch a bid and you are sitting on top of the world


May God Help Us All

But, what do I know?

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Can they wait?

Can you give 'em a call and ask them to wait until next week?  I pushed myself good buying on Friday and Monday on the dips, and I would like to buy more at those prices.  I don't get paid until Monday.

By the way, who was it here that said I was crazy to see silver down that low?  We did see $26 for a moment the other night.

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Silverfarmer throw all

Silverfarmer throw all technical theories out the window. GOLD and SILVER was supposed to crash in the summer, it went UP. The months of Sept Oct Nov are the best months for far not true. Next guess?


The Big Setup

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