CME Strikes Again, tells friends (as usual)

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CME Strikes Again, tells friends (as usual)

After the market closed today, the CME announced margin hikes for gold (21%), silver (16%), copper (18%) and 30Y US Treasuries (not sure how much on that one).

Apparently they let all their big institutional friends know ahead of time because the price action today could not have been precipitated by any smaller entities, and nothing else anywhere indicated that those particular assets should fall while everything else just goes sideways.

I'm lucky as hell I wasn't holding any positions in the metals today, they really had no justification at all for those hikes, they just came out of nowhere like lightning in broad daylight.

I smell desperation afoot. I think this was for more than JPMorgan, and in fact more likely a preparation for the eurocollapse instead. It's coming. Very, very soon.

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400 billion +

in bonds paying squat is allot to ask from the sheep..........they made it very attractive by tanking everything at once. PM's get hammered to make said sheep scared and realize that they are not the safe haven either................Bond..Ben Bond, he likes the PM's shaken, not stirred.

The game will resume after his demands are met.

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