Gold Silver ratio

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Gold Silver ratio

Yes, yet another newbe question from me. Now that medals are on sale again I was going to cash in some of my hard in paper money and buy some more phys. I was planning on following the advice I've received from this site and attempt to get my stack in the neighborhood of 50/50 Gold/Silver. With the ratio changing so rapidly would it be a bad move to purchase gold now? Should I purchase all silver and trade up later for gold once the GSR has swung in the opposite direction?

Thanks for all the help in advance!

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Buy both

Buy both gold and silver. Why put all your eggs in one basket. Both will protect your purchasing power

Sure, some say silver is a better place to be. Maybe. Can you tell the future? who knows where the GSR will be. I expect it to be lower, under 20 in fact.

Dollar wise I think my stack is 50-50. Ounce wise, I certainly have more silver. If I could only buy one, it would be silver. But, I think stacking both is a good idea. Just look at today. Gold is still down at fire sale prices, while silver has firmed. At this moment, I think gold is a better buy. That could change in 5 minutes.

If you can buy full ounces of gold, get one or some. If not stack silver.


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200 DMA

I would suggest the 200 DMA method to determine which metal you buy when you're in the market to do so. It's pretty popular (yet still secret enough that you can game the system with it to your advantage) with the big buyers of size. Right now it greatly favors silver and platinum, while gold is essentially fair value.


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