Mitt Romneys' Great-great- grand daddy had - 12 wives!

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Mitt Romneys' Great-great- grand daddy had - 12 wives!

Parley Pratt

Pratt practiced plural marriage and had twelve wives. One of Pratt's great-great-grandsons is Mitt Romney, former Massachusetts governor and candidate for the 2008 and 2012 Republican presidential nominations.[27] One of his great-great-great-grandsons is Jon Huntsman, former Utah governor and Ambassador to China, and a candidate for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination.[28] Pratt's grandson, William King Driggs, was the father of the King Sisters.


Connection to Joseph Smith (just the founder of the Mormon Church)


Pratt then returned to Fayette, New York in October 1830, where he met Joseph Smith and was asked to join a missionary group assigned to preach to the Native American (Lamanite) tribes on the Missouri frontier. During the trip west, he and his companions stopped to visit Sidney Rigdon, and were instrumental in converting Rigdon and approximately 130 members of his congregation within two to three weeks

Presidents are NOT elected - they are born.


Every president and person of great power - has the bloodline lineage... all of them.


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your point is?


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