Getting as Far Off the Grid as Possible - Energy Efficiency Expert, Daniel Dean

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Getting as Far Off the Grid as Possible - Energy Efficiency Expert, Daniel Dean

fascinating interview with great info

Certified energy efficiency expert Daniel Dean has worked with notable institutions like Sandia laboratories and the Department of Information Agency and is the CEO and chief engineer for Greenland Energy Dynamics ( A highly successful alternative energy products company, based in Dallas, Texas. According to Dan, his clientele can afford technologies beyond the reach of most American families. However, he also sees a wide range of practical and affordable options for families on limited budgets. In this vitally important interview, he'll talk about what main street families can begin doing today, to get themselves as far off the greatest possible

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Thu, Sep 22, 2011 - 2:06pm
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My EE plan - limited use.

I have a been planning what I can only really call a "back-up" system that will help me in a 3-4 month pinch. It'll only be used on an as needed basis (and common outages). The heart is a 5KW cont. generator. This will be used to charge a battery bank, which will discharge into 2 3kw PSW inverters as well as providing high power if needed. This setup also allows me to add solar in the future.

My main concern has been the cost of deep cycle batteries. After looking at the cost of these versus heavy-duty agricultural equipment batteries, It seems buying enough batteries so the single battery load is about 25A will give me the total bank storage I want cheaply at an acceptable battery life. Thoughts?

Also, is a full line switch really necessary to disconnect from the grid? Is keeping neutral connected to power lines (and local ground) a bad idea (disconnect the phase at the main breaker)?