Bush’s Toronto Visit Cancelled Amid Mass Public Pressure for Arrest

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Bush’s Toronto Visit Cancelled Amid Mass Public Pressure for Arrest

Canadians Hit Reject Button on G.W. Bush Visit

Truth About Internationally Disgraced U.S. President Hidden from American Public

by Johnny Punish

This weeks appearance by former U.S. president George W. Bush at an event hosted by a local evangelical Christian university has been cancelled while the mainstream U.S. Media ignores the international embarrassment.

The decision came Wednesday, the same day three former students launched a petition urging the university to cancel the speech. On Tuesday, a class valedictorian and professor publicly spoke out against the appearance following the resignation of another staff member.

Bush was scheduled to speak Sept. 20 to about 150 people at an invitation-only breakfast hosted by Tyndale University College and Seminary, home to about 1,400 students at two campuses in Toronto’s north end.

Tyndale supporter Prem Watsa, chief executive of Fairfax Financial Holdings and sometimes referred to as “Canada’s Warren Buffett,” was sponsoring the event, which the administration said was intended to raise the university’s profile. Watsa did not respond to requests for comment.

A brief on the university’s website Wednesday afternoon

announced the cancellation “due to scheduling change” but provided no details, nor did it mention Bush by name.

Tyndale spokeswoman Lina van der Wel confirmed the note pertained to the Bush event, which she said would not be rescheduled. She said she could not explain the “scheduling change,” nor say whether it was the university or Bush who cancelled.

University president Gary Nelson held a town-hall meeting at the school at noon Wednesday, a few hours before the decision to cancel was made public. Faculty reached by the Star refused to discuss what happened at the meeting.

Opposition to Bush’s appearance at the non-denominational evangelical university had been growing within the school’s community since Monday after the story ”Bush to make promotional appearance in Toronto for Christian college” was published in the Star.

The following day, a class valedictorian and professor spoke out passionately against the visit. The university also confirmed “a valued employee” quit in protest.

Critics accused Tyndale of sacrificing its peaceful ideals to attract wealthy donors with the exclusive event. Many students and alumni also complained they only heard about the high-profile appearance through the news.

“They’re still not even saying his name on their web page,” said Dan Oudshoorn, a former student body president who graduated in 2006 and was part of the group that launched the petition. “I think it shows they were really trying to sneak in a cash grab through a means they know is dirty, they got busted doing it and now they’re trying to sneak back out again without taking responsibility.”

As it stands, the main stream media in the USA has be absolutely silent on the international rejection of George W. Bush.


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sorry, I can't let this

sorry, I can't let this nonsense pass.

I am no fan of Bush. He was pushing big government progressive garbage while hiding behind faux conservatism. But this insane hatred is foolish and is only being ginned up to add weight to the efforts to get the US to sign on to the ICC and scare future American leaders.

Why is Bush a criminal? because he went to Iraq to steal oil? really, like O went to Libya for the waters? We're bombing Yemen as part of urban renewal?

Who's oil are we talking about? where is it going? America doesn't get oil from Iraq. or even Saudi Arabia. The last I checked the Nabucco pipeline doesn't go anywhere near New York or LA. Where is it heading? Straight into the heart of Europe. Providing an alternative to the RUSSIAN South Stream pipeline project. Familiar with the ongoing RF/Ukranian disputes? Remember what happened when the Russians turned off the valves in winter? That's just a taste of what the future holds.

So, Bush went to Iraq to "steal" oil? for who, America? Halliburton? Carlyle Group? The Europeans, so that they don't get themselves into a squeeze play WHEN the Russians decide to play hard ball. The same type of incestuous little whiners calling for his arrest. 

And what else did this war monger Bush do? He arranged for NATO missile/detection bases to be set up in Eastern Europe, forever shielding tens of millions against any future Russian ideas of reacquiring these only recently freed lands. Never fear leftist friends, your messiah put an end to those plans. An "accident" wiping out the entire Polish government did the rest. And WHEN Russia moves to subjugate these lands, will you protest then? Do you think your little petitions will save these people from re enslavement? There won't be any protests, because the left won't see any problems with mother Russia moving to "help" those poor lost sheep.

Let twenty years pass, and lets see where the left's "Arab Spring" leads the world.

Western socialists are such dupes to forces you have no idea are playing you. At least I hope you're dupes. There are those who know exactly what they're doing. The leftist braying was never louder then just before the iron curtain crumbled. Did any of you ever stop and think for one second maybe you were wrong? or maybe even being played?

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American imperialism and the

American imperialism and the grabbing of Middle East oil? nope. Fomenting the Arab Spring? no, again. Protecting from Russian aggression? not their beef. This may come as a shock to you, but Bush and his cronies are not welcome in many places for authorizing human rights violations and Canada is not the first "cancelation" of a Bush speech on foreign soil for fear he could be arrested.

(btw, I not even close to the leftists' viewpoint)

more for the fire........................................

Protest Threats Derail Bush Speech in Switzerland
Published: February 5, 2011

WASHINGTON — A planned trip by former President George W. Bush to Switzerland this week has been canceled in the face of threatened large-scale protests and calls for an investigation into whether his administration committed human rights abuses in the fight against terrorism.

A spokesman for Mr. Bush said Saturday that the trip was canceled after the United Israel Appeal, an international Jewish charity organizing the Geneva event where he had been scheduled to speak next Saturday, told him on Friday that it was canceling the speech because of security concerns.

“We regret that the speech has been canceled,” said David Sherzer, a spokesman for Mr. Bush. “President Bush was looking forward to speaking about freedom and offering reflections from his time in office.”

The visit to Geneva was to have been Mr. Bush’s first trip to Europe since his memoir, “Decision Points,” was published in November, and the first since he publicly stated in interviews on his book tour that he had personally authorized the use of waterboarding in the questioning of terrorism detainees.

As a result, international human rights groups, including Amnesty International, seized on the scheduled visit to petition the Swiss authorities to open an investigation of Mr. Bush while he was in the country. The groups argued that he had admitted to torture and thus could be prosecuted in Switzerland and other countries that have signed on to the international convention banning torture.

“For a long time at Amnesty International, we have been calling for the Obama administration to investigate human rights abuses at Guantánamo, the C.I.A. black sites, and in Iraq and Afghanistan, and it is clear that’s not happening,” said Widney Brown, Amnesty International’s senior director for international law and policy. “When we heard that he was traveling to Geneva, we wrote to the national authorities in Switzerland and the local prosecutor in Geneva to ask them to investigate Bush for torture.”


you get as good as you give