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UK Trading platforms

Hi fellow Turdites

My work situation is changing and I will be at home much more than before and was thinking about delving further into the world of trading PM's. I fully admit that I am a complete novice and have had a Selftrade account for a couple of months but theses are miners that I would prefer to buy and hold at present so now have two investment vehicles, physical and miners that I don't really want to play with so am looking for another avenue with more time on my hands to both watch and learn. Can anyone recommend a good trading platform here in the UK? Am reading avidly before I start, to try to get up to speed, but there is nothing like hands on application to really learn.

Ofcourse if you think I'm being completely bonkers and would recommend another course of action then please feel free to chime in.


Edited to add - this would be used for non leveraged trading

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