A Letter to My Oppressors

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A Letter to My Oppressors

From my blog, https://thehardrightedge.com/letter/

A Letter to My Oppressors

You have misled many of my brothers and sisters in an ever-expanding and all-encompassing illusion,

You have poisoned our minds with lies and greed,

You have altered our food with disease inducing products,

You have contaminated our water with damaging chemicals,

You have flooded our souls with the curse of desire,

You have invaded our freedom in the name of our own good,

You have held back technology that could revolutionize the world,

You have labeled truth as if it were treason,

You have gravely mis-allocated human energy, life, and potential, for your personal expenditures,

And you have cheated yourselves of what it means to be human.

Yet in the ying and the yang of life, you have provided the tools to see what life could become.

You have taught us that we cannot trust a few to look out for all,

You have taught us that we must unite as a people, or fall as individuals,

You have taught us that understanding must be more powerful than apathy,

You have taught us that war will not solve any problems,

You have taught us that there is more to life than currency,

You have taught us that there is no difference between any man, woman or child,

You have taught us that we must look within before we can change the outside,

You have taught us that man must be aware in order to be alive,

And maybe most invaluably to me, you have taught me that my biggest oppressor has always been myself.

Through your injustices we can see the blueprint of the world, and what never to follow again.

For we the people are the writers of history, and I am certain that the coming days will prove, as always in history, that man will free itself from the grips of oppression, no matter how dark the days may get. And this time, humanity may just free itself absolutely.

May you live in interesting times. -- Chinese Proverb


Respectfully and Humbly,

Scott J

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