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Graham Summers

I must ask this due to his bombardment of emails I receive. Does anyone here subscribe to Graham Summers Rapid Fire Options Alerts? What's the deal with him? Is his alert system legit?


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I'd ask the same question.  I

I'd ask the same question.  I get emails from him all the time, many with numerous trades with high percentage winners, with very few losing naturally I was skeptical.  I'm curious if anyone else has a subscription.

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I tried out the rapid fire.

I bought the rapid fire options alert from him for 800. At the time it seemed like a good idea. But the problem for me was that I am just starting with options and investing. I did not want to risk too much so I only had a few thousand to use, of which i only used a few hundred per trade. In his emails he always talks about having 10k or something and you woud make back your money in a month. He does send out emails on tuesday or thursday or both some weeks of when to open a trade and at what price  and when to close it out. Most trades are a few hours some are a few days. I cancled my subscription before the end of the first month for a refund because i didn't have enough capital to justify paying him 800 for his services. He only used options on the FXI. On my first trade I made 100 dollars. In the end I ended up losing about 100 dollars in that month. His returns are acurrate in a sense. He takes the first number of when the email is sent out but he takes the closing price 30 minutes after the email is sent out. I put in the limit order he set right after I received the email but he claims "thats the lowest price you should accept" as he put it in one email to us all. I do think beleive his trades can generate profits in the long run but for me the initial investment made those returns pointless.

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How to cancel?

Thanks fore offering your experience cashbash. I signed up, too, but are having similar issues that you were having. May I know how did you get your refund back? There is obviously no online system for that. Did you call the toll-free number on the bottom of his emails? Thanks.

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