Shares to go up?

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Shares to go up?

I'm just getting my head around all this new info about the gold standard. Like the gold price my knowledge has risen exponentially thanks to sites like this. LOL

I've just sold some shares in stock in Australia I've owned for ever to get some gold for the first time. I have also kept a few of the same stock which are still way above what I bought them for all those years ago. I also have a few shares in another stock which I've lost money on. About 75% of what I originally bought them for.

Question. What to do with both stock with regards to PM. Also, if I keep them and there's hyperinflation like predicted would that mean they would also go up in dollar value?

I have assets but the shares are my only savings I have. No cash lying around.

Cheers all!

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Hard to answer.

Your situation, as described is hard to answer. If you have a realized gains, dont you think you should try to realize some off-setting tax looses? I would have sold the 75% dog and converted that to PMs.

To protect your paper gains on your winner, buy some puts. If your stock drops the puts will provide downside protection. Do some research on options.

It is assumed, by some, that stocks will ride any inflation higher. I would not bet on that. The turmoil in the world will, at some point, slam stocks hard. Look at the last few weeks for the SP500 and Dow.

Volatility is here for all assets, but which asset class still maintains an up trend?


May God Help Us All

But, what do I know?

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