Gold through airports?

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Gold through airports?

Anybody have any trouble moving gold coins through airports in the U.S.? I'm going to be making a domestic flight and have a small amount of gold to take back with me (1.5 oz). Just wondering if there are any suggestions to avoid raising the ire of the criminal TSA bastards, or if you've run into any trouble moving gold through an airport. Thanks to all in advance.

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Thu, Sep 15, 2011 - 12:25am
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For what it's worth, my

For what it's worth, my business partner flew to Hawaii and back last month. He carries a 1 oz. gold eagle in an air-tite case in his pocket at all times. He took it out when he went through the metal detector on the way over but did not take it out of his pocket on the way home. The TSA didn't say shit about it on the way over and he did not set off the metal detector on the way back. He did not go through the full body scanner either time. Hell, there are men's watches that contain more than 1.5 oz. gold. You shouldn't have anything to be concerned about.