gdx or gdxj??

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gdx or gdxj??

hey which one to go for in this move up??? also are these safe to invest in?? how do they work people always caution against gold etf does same apply to these??

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Precious metal mining ETFs GDX and GDXJ poised for recovery

Posted at following thread:

See also:

with an insight in the portfolio's of both ETF's :

and links to the appropriate pages of the VanEck website :

Portfolio composition
Van Eck publishes the portfolio composition of the GDX and GDXJ on its website. As these are static images, it is perhaps useful to check the portfolio changes of these ETFs. I have been referring to successful exits for the GDXJ. Since its portfolio also contains a larger number of positions, it can be expected that the portfolio turnover (or “churn”) is more important.



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