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Gold Bullion International

If you have security concerns and are considering allocated storage, you may want to check this new company out.

Gold Bullion International, GBL, is a new allocated gold company with their vaults located in Zurich, London, New York and get this, Salt Lake City.  (I thought that was an odd city to choose. Nothing against SLC but given the exotic locales of most others it seems to stick out.  Then you remember SLC is in Utah and they're the guys pushing for the remonitization of PMs.  I thought that was interesting and may say something about their intent and vision.)

I read about them in FOFOA's latest post, Treasure Chest 2 - Game Changer.  The whole post is about GBI and how it was introduced to FOFOA.  A very interesting read along with comments.  Check it out.   GBI's business model has an important distinction from other respected vaults like GoldMoney.  If I understand it correctly, instead of owning a share of a 400oz bar of gold which makes delivery expensive and out of reach for most, GBI allows it's clients to be allocated single ounce coins and bars and deliverable.

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The "Advisory Board", with the exception of Hathaway perhaps, is enough to make me run away...

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