Lines for Gold like the supermarket in China

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Lines for Gold like the supermarket in China

You don't see articles like this in the English mainstream media, now do ya?

A rough translation is

Gold is very hot. . In Beijing, every gold store the counters are croweded with customers ready to hand over their cash. The lines are like a supermarket. You can see the gold price changes everyday on the sign only go up, never go down, but people who invest in gold bar at the gold bar counter walk away empty handed because it is out of stock. After Something collapse (bladen forest????)the system collapse gold got so much attention from the public that it is really rare, let alone that gold get highest price, so a lot of people are more confident to buy gold as a safe harbor.

It goes on to educate people on gold and how to buy gold etc...

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Nice link.  I ran a google

Nice link. I ran a google translate on it and had a little LOL when I saw that the part you had an issue translating (bladen forest????) is actually Bretton Woods :)