The future site traffic-need to be prepared

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The future site traffic-need to be prepared

There's been some comments on the boards about the site going down with the high uptake/ amount of traffic that has been occuring.  I suggest to you that this is nothing compared to what may occur in the future when 'normal' people start getting into the silver and gold markets.    You are going to need to ensure that your servers, etc will be able to handle the type of traffic that other mainstream websites handle.

In looking at the number of hits of this site @ 15000 and also going to youtube and looking at the number of hits for related PM videos (7k,15k, etc) you have to now that this is really nothing... these normal people will be finding these videos and sites like TFmetals when they get in.    

I'm not a techi, but seems to me that this will could be an issue for people if the site keeps going down and need some type of action plan.    

When you start getting million (s) hits a day I won't be coming anymore because I've will have probaly sold old my gold and silver and moved on to something else anyway.

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Peace Silver, we appreciate

Peace Silver, we appreciate your concern. A few of the outages we have had recently are not related to high traffic, but rather attempts to make some adjustments to ensure we can continue to handle traffic growth going forward.  I've seen nothing at this point that would lead me to believe that we are in a danger zone of the site continually being down due to site traffic.

That being said, it is something we continuously monitor.  We are also keenly aware that if we're eventually getting million(s) of hits a day, the hardware will need to be in place to handle it.  Thanks.


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