Any Tips for Burying Gold and Silver?

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Any Tips for Burying Gold and Silver?

Hi There!

The safest place for me to stash my stash is in my backyard, underground a few feet. I am not much concerned with confiscation or metal detectors.... at this point. 

While some may disagree with the outdoor, underground decision ( I wouldn't mind discussing that either), my main objective here is to find out a good method for actually burying the metals without doing them any damage.

I've read that PVC in any form is very bad for storing metals, which kind of blows the idea of a PVC pipe capped and glued at both ends;  but if the PMs were wrapped in something first, and then put in the PVC pipe... would that be ok? Should each coin be wrapped separately before being stored? In what??? Humidity has to be taken into consideration as well. Metal will rust. Glass?

If anyone can shed some light and/or experience onto this endeavor ( I heart EXK!!!!!!), I would greatly appreciate your input.

Thank you in advance.

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some answers

The PVC pipe will be air/water tight if you use standard PVC glue.  PMs will be just fine underground inside it, but if you're worried you could use a ziplock freezer bag (non-freezer bags are junk anyways).  PMs are just fine even under water.  Gold is extremely stable and thats why you find it in shipwrecks that are hundreds to thousands of years old perfectly intact even in salt water.

If you're storing a firearm, then it will be a lot more sensitive if there were to be a leak in that pipe.  Non-marine firearms have a tendency to rust quickly due to their metals when exposed to certain levels of moisture.   Chances are that if you ever need to dig up the firearm then you want it and any ammo stored to work reliably, so I'd recommend storing any firearms or ammo in a separate freezer bag for sure.

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Check out the Mono vaults

Check out the Mono vaults with gamma seal lids:


PM Bug

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