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Thu, Nov 3, 2011 - 9:09pm
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I wanted to give an update

I wanted to give an update about my safe situation. Its been two months in the making. First I ordered an AMSEC B2900. It took a month to recieve and was excited to get it. So I open the outer box and the first thing I notice is that its made in China. Now AMSEC is very proud to say they have been an American company for 60 years. I emailed them about how disappointed I was about this, and never recieved a response. Ok, so I open the box and take out the safe. Its well made but somewhat sloppy on the finish. Then I get to thinking, this is a little small for what I remember ordering. They shipped me a B2200 instead! Well, called up the company I ordered from (securitybase.com) and they arranged to have it picked up. Note that the safe was shipped direct from AMSEC so it wasn't their fault. I then decided I want to upgrade to the B3800 as long as I am going to go through the trouble of installing a floor safe. So I paid the difference, and the wrong one was picked up and the new one shipped. Two weeks go by and I recieve the B3800, A LOT bigger. So I go to open it, the door unlocks but won't open. I forced the door open to inspect what the problem was. The door gets caught on the locking bar because they welded it wrong! Now i'm pretty pissed as its been a month and half + and still don't have my new safe. So I called up securitybase and told them the problem and asked if I could just get my money back and I was going to do a little more "research". They were ok with that so I did some research on the Hayman FS4000b which was my other option I was looking at. The Hayman is made (I believe all of them are) in Florida. So that sold me, on top of all the good reviews. I found the best price at authoritysafes.com. I ordered the safe with my custom combination and the 1" door upgrade. I recieved the safe in only 3 days from the time of order. The quality on this safe is far superior to the AMSEC and the easily removable door is going to make installation MUCH easier. Plus when I move I can just order a new body and take my door with me. This safe is every bit as heavy as the AMSEC. The AMSEC is all steel, the Hayman has a poly body. I am very impressed with the quality and function of the Hayman, this would be the safe I would recommend to my friends. Its also slightly bigger than the B3800. There is a lot of real estate inside this thing, plently for me. Hope this might help anyone who is in the market.