So I have an idea for a survial website...

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#1 Wed, Aug 31, 2011 - 11:37pm
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So I have an idea for a survial website...

So I had this idea for a website, where people could post links to retailers offering great deals on everything survival related. This was back... oh maybe a year ago. Due to time constraints and inability to make a functional website I gave up numerous times. Well, I found a system that seems to work and I want to share it with you turdites.

It's very basic. No ads. Free registration. Limited color scheme. Smartphone friendly. I became tired of searching through links here at TFmetalsreport and other sites like for deals on stuff I really want. The good thing is, I think I made something that will work. If anyone is interested in participating feel free to sign up and post deals you see. The way I see it, if the more people are prepared, the less the prepared people will need to share. I certainly don't want to sound like a salesman because I'm horrible at it. I figured that turdites might have interest in a place to store all kinds of deals.

What would be even more cool is if Turd adds a marketplace or something to this site. But until then, feel free to check my site out if you want.

You turdites think this is a good idea?

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