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Gotta love the voice over to this:

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I feel the same way

Solar Rave, thanks for this. Hat tip for posting. I have been speaking with coworkers, relatives,friends for the last 18 months about buying silver. It has been effective. I can think of at least six who have bought PMs because of my relentless Pointing to charts and numbers. I felt the need to help people. HOWEVER, in the same way I now feel it is too late. Those days are over. It is too late to build a position now. The rush to silver coming in the next few weeks will be an EVENT. We will soon learn a new term that will be adopted in the everyday language in the silver community. That term is "NO OFFER".

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I like the video, but

I like the video, but Silvershield will have screwed himself if the "Boys" keep kicking the can down the road.  According to Max Keiser, the COMEX was gonna go bust and JPM was going down-town, that hurt his rep, since the timing wasn't there. 

People got to avoid putting a timeline on when the "people who run the world" are going to drop the ball.

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