SI, GC, EU, ES, etc. trading thread?

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#1 Wed, Aug 31, 2011 - 12:45am
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SI, GC, EU, ES, etc. trading thread?

I love Pailin's silver thread for gold and silver. I figure there has to be other traders, besides myself, that also trade the ES and a few currencies. Open to all options. Not locked into one future at the particular time. Flexible traders if you will. Can there be a better home for us? And still visit Pailin, Atlee, Rico, SW, etc. without disturbing the integrity of Pailin's thread? Or should we feel free to post in Pailin's thread?

Is the Everything Else forum a close enough category for a "Mendota Kid's Trade It All" Thread? Looking for suggestions for a name. (or Mendota's trade Everything thread). I know there are lots of us here that trade more than the metals and a thread to bring that together is the goal here.


fyi since it may be used in the naming of the thread - Mendota, where I'm originally from in Minnesota, means Crossing Of Trails or Joining Of Rivers (my preferred meaning) which I always thought would be appropriate for an internet thread. The "Kid" comes from Steve McQueen fandom (Cincinnati Kid) and Blazing Sadles (Waco Kid). Guess I gave away my poker playing and sense of humor there.

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