The $700,000,000,000 heist and did the west coast of the US nearly go dark ...permanently*

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The $700,000,000,000 heist and did the west coast of the US nearly go dark ...permanently*

(*well, at least for a few years)

How the FED apparently stole $700,000,000,000

First, you must go back to 2004. In the fall of 2004, $700,000,000,000 (seven hundred billion dollars) were transferred via wire from Taiwan to China, through an agent, Tropos Capital Corporation of America.

The $700 billion was never credited to China.

On March 9, 2011 Tropos asked the Ministere de l'Economie, des Finances et de l'Industrie in Paris to 'look into the matter. This was after Tropos attempted to get the situation resolved with the Bank of International Settlements, the Universal Postal Union, the Bush administration and "President Barack Obama", among others in the US Government, to undertake a Presidential review in June 2009.
You can verify all of this here:

Tropos, despite showing that the Federal Reserve apparently accepted the transfer of the funds from Taiwan, but did not complete the transfer to China, never got any replies at all from the Fed, or anyone they had appealed to in their letter.

In November, 2010 "

O'Bottom" as Turd calls him, Barry Sotero as he is also known as, takes a trip to India.

On November 8, 2010, while he is away, a mysterious missle is launched off the coast of Los Angeles, California. No US agency claims that they launched it. Further, it is later claimed to be a 'contrail' from a 747 inbound from Hawaii.
Here's the news story as it appeared on the local station in Los Angeles, with video.

Here's how the LSM repeated the story... nothing to see here, move along...

It is just a coincidence, I'm sure that this mystery missile (the object in the videos is clearly NOT a 747, or any other type of airplane) was launched while Barry was 'touring Asia' and had a significant display of US military might surrounding him (protecting) during the visit to India / Asia.

And it is further coincidence that 'several' cabinet members were accompanying him in the 'tour'.
Prominent among those accompanying the US President would include Tom Donilon, the new National Security Advisor; the Commerce Secretary, Gary Locke; the Agriculture Secretary, Tom Vilsack; and Raj Shah, Administrator of USAID.
....Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner is expected to be there for a part of the trip.

Of particular note, Hillary Clinton did not accompany O'Bottom and was off on her own tour in Australia, while Biden and Pelosi remained in the U.S.
If you are familiar with the Presidential Succession order, then you know why this would be a factor.

Several questions need to be answered:
Who launched the missile off the caost of L.A.? This was not some stinger missile, this is clearly the size of a multi-stage ICBM.
If it was China, did this send a statement that they have had enough of the delays in getting their $700,000,000,000 credited to them? Further, why was TARP a "$700,000,000,000 bailout of the banks? (The same banks that apparently stole -amazingly- $700,000,000,000 from China?) Don't forget, they had been missing it for years, even before TARP was voted on in 2008.
(just do a search for TARP 700 billion if you want other sources for this amount).
Why was Sotero conveniently out of the country when this happened? If the missle had been set for a high altitude nuclear burst, the entire west coast would have been in the stone age as the EMP would have obliterated the electrical systems. Can you imagine the riots and civil unrest when the power is out AND NEVER COMING BACK ON (well, at least not for months.. or years).
Were US government officials 'pre-positioned' for "succession of power" around the world for this launch?
For those who think the launch was a US missile test, the US will clear the airspace and the FAA controllers will vector all aircraft away from the closed airspace. The FAA was not aware of this launch.
How close, or did we come close, to having the west coast of the US electrical grid destroyed last November? How much of a statement would you make for $700,000,000,000 if you had ultimate capability?

Finally, does China want their $700,000,000,000 so they can immediately dump it for PMs?

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FYI: A friend of mine who is

FYI: A friend of mine, who is literally a rocket scientist, told me that it was a missile "test"; and I will leave the context of "test" out there for you to mull over. For me, at first, I thought he meant just a regular, testing of a missile. He NEVER said which country, so I assumed it was us.. but knowing him and how he leaves crumbs for me to figure out.. I am of the opinion that his omission was purposeful; meaning it was NOT us... and sine it was NOT us, that the test was actually a "warning", as in "testing us and our response".

I expect my statement to be fully tin-foil since I am completely UNWILLING to reveal my source and for whom he works. So you can take it for what it's worth; I don't much care. But I can't not say something when all I've been harping on is for some truth to be exposed for all of us to witness.

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@Silver Foil Hat

Good digging !!!

I remember that damn missile and recalled the door knobs on CNBC and major networks laughing about it because somebody said UFO? Although there were some weird things happening over Chinese airports the air heads completely dismissed it. Nevertheless good digging, and if China has been hoodwinked it goes to show you the arrogance and ignorance of this American super power. Don't mess with us we can assassinate and bomb third world countries! Amerika pimping the world!

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Bio - w0tm

Ex- serial entrepeneur - now retired. In the 60's I was a research electronics engineer for the Atomic Energy Commission. I was one of the few experts on EMP the United States had. Other newly graduated engineers were occupied with "all things digital". EMP remains our number one danger and is the number weapon if choice by terrorists as an EMP "bomb" is simple and cheap. A nuclear bomb is NOT required. Our military is "rad hardened" from EMP but less than two percent of commercial and zero percent of consumer products contain ANY EMP protection. EMP is not new. Tesla burnt out the power grid of Colorado Springs in 1899 by accidentally feeding an EMP spark into the town's power system from his laboratory. Blew out the town's power generating plant and burnt out every light bulb in the city. Townspeople had already experienced grief with Tesla. They burnt his lab to the ground and ran him out of town. I'm also the author of survivalist guidebook "Infinite Dangers" for sale @

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Chinese missile launch

By sheer coincidence I happened to be watching the Los Angeles TV station via the Internet when the missile was fired. Google news lit up with "flash!" news stories of an ICBM type missile launch. People on boats nearby phoned in eye witness accounts. One person had a hi-res cell phone camera and captured the missile rise out of the water. Chinese characters were on the side of the missile! I assumed WW3 had begun. Five minutes later nuclear detonation monitoring stations all over the world reported a nuclear detonation in space. Then a lady in Phoenix called to another station saying she had seen a brilliant flash in the sky that, by triangulation, would have been at 140K feet above sea level in the exact direction of the missile.

THEN all of the stories on Google about the missile launch and the detection of a nuclear explosion began to disappear - QUICKLY! Within five minutes they were GONE and the LA TV station had changed their story to that of a contrail of a jet. The news was gone. At the same time the Chinese flying above the area turned on an "EMP gun (space based?) pointing it at a US Navy vessel. Minimal damage occurred (US military EMP protection worked!) but a nearby cruise boat had ALL electronics burnt out and had to be towed to harbor. All electronics and cell phones were confiscated from passengers of boats as they came into harbor.

The hypothesis is the Chinese wanted to show they could move close to the United States undetected AND fire nuclear missiles at will plus they had high powered EMP gun technology. Later on one of the new (previously unknown) class of Chinese sub surfaced in the middle of the 7th fleet in the Pacific doing an exercise to prove they could not be detected. The Chinese now possess sub technology equal to, or better, than we have (we gave it and much more to them in the late 90's for "good will"!). Sometimes we are our worst enemy!

The rest of the story is even more unbelievable. gyantis[at]gmail[dot]com

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The ultimate in asymmetric warfare

The prospect of a malicious cause for an EMP is almost too much to comprehend. With one missile, we would be put back into the 19 th century, at best. Read the novelOne Second After. Truly scary..

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EMP strike?

Is it possible that the Southern California blackout was actually a test for an EMP strike? Though it didn't take out the electronics it did shut the power off for a large region for 24 hours.

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I missed this thread over the summer,

Silver foil hat, thank you for posting this on Main Street, or I never would have found it.

Great stuff, of course I knew it wasn't a contrail, but you did an excellent job at revealing the rest of the story.

I think we'll be seeing more of these things in our future.

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