Warning: Gold may plummit for reverse QE

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Warning: Gold may plummit for reverse QE

I'd like to point everyone to http://www.zerohedge.com/news/guest-post-bernanke-box.

It seems the reason that QE3 was hinted at but not delivered friday is that the treasury market has dried up from all of the previous QE. The only buyers left are the primary dealers, which means that another round of QE would be hyperinflationary immediately.

Now, based on the reverse repo market activity of late, it seems that bernanke is trying to buy time so that he can perform enough reverse QE by the sept FOMC before another round even becomes possible.

Mind you this is only speculation, but my guess is that the EE will put the long squeeze on gold next week and try to deliver as much news as possible in order to loosen the noose on the banking market. They'll use the market sentiment to sneak through their reverse repo program, which will allow them to announce QE3 on the 20th. If they don't, they know they're finished, because the market won't survive without it.

I don't know that they'll be successful, but that certainly won't stop them from trying.

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Huge gold sale? Christmas in

Huge gold sale? Christmas in September? Praise Jesus! yes



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