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Clearly we are witnessing the unfolding of a gigantic world war between the PM's and the global fiat monetary system.  You must think on those terms to understand the magnitude of the power of the EE to suppress the PM price for god knows how many years.  Scottj presented evidence that this war goes way back when the U.S removed silver as part of the bi-metallic standard causing a depression, because then EE held most of the gold and did not want monetary power in the hands of the people.  This was done at the behest of the Rothschild proxies here in the U.S.

Right now we are seeing this battle take on monumental significance and proportions as more and more people wake up to the massive global fraud of fiat.  This is why the stakes are so high and becoming more and more intense each day as the forces of fiat darkness take on the multitudes of the earth's inhabitants who now attempt to protect themselves from the inevitable collapse of all fiat worldwide.  Even central banks in countries large and small  see the writing on the wall and are buying up both gold and silver to bolster their reserves in preparation for the coming storm.

There is an old saying which states, "Never bet against the FED".  I say you better bet against the FED with gold and silver, or you are dead!  These gigantic forces are tugging against each other causing increasing volatility and gyrations of the prices and volumes unlike anything I have seen before.  It's not just JP Morgan who is the  the prime enemy of the PM's, but every central bank in the world, every fiat currency, and every elite who benefits from this corrupt evil financial and monetary system.  So, when you buy physical PM's to protect your wealth, you are in effect betting against the entire global financial system and every aspect of the hierarchy that keeps this rotten system from imploding.

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PM Bug

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i knew there was a reason im

i knew there was a reason im all in, ive always been a gambler, but a calculated gambler  

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I don't think any

I don't think any organization has been as consistently wrong in their outlook as central banks. There's no surer way to bankrupt yourself than to listen to a PHD economist who works for the Fed.

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