More silver not gold?

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More silver not gold?

I just started stacking a couple months ago.  Right now my stack is about 2x gold 1x silver.  I have this weird feeling that silver is going to outperform gold significantly over the next few years.

OTOH, FOFOA seems to think silver is an "industrial metal" and I worry that gold will "launch" and leave silver behind.

Any advice on how I can get myself to stack more silver and quit worrying. . .  ?

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you could look at

the relative performances of both over a longer time period? 


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One is good as the other

First, I think holding either is better then holding none at all.

It depends upon how deep your pockets are. You need deep pockets to stack a lot of Gold.

In the end, one will be as good as the other.


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silver outweighs gold in my

silver outweighs gold in my stack by 3-1 in fiat value. i started stacking 15 months ago and knew i wanted to be overweight in silver. i'm happy with my allocation the way silver is outperforming gold, i would be happy with your allocation also.

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