First post / an intro and two questions

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First post / an intro and two questions

This is my first post. I have a core position of low cost miners established about a year ago and I am trading some to (albeit a smaller amount). The core has GG, AUY, NEM, EGO and GDXJ, the trading allocation is devoted to GG and AUY. These have grown maybe 30% over the last year. I don't have any physical (yet). 

Question… Thanks to the good folks here I have avoided GLD. Most of my $$ is in a 401(k), which I manage via TD Ameritrade. I have extra cash in my 401(k) due to trading the above (nice problem!). I have never bought physical, how can I acquire bullion (or whatever) in my 401(k)?

Also, is this the proper place to post this, or should I use comments to Turd’s articles?

Thanks in advance!

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Fri, Aug 26, 2011 - 7:00am
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Physical in a retirement account

Most dealers have options to own physical in a retirement account. Or, if you read Harvey Organ, try Central fund of Canada or Sprott funds for silver or gold. These own actual physical, unlike GLD or SLV. You won't take actual delivery, but you have some skin in the game. I would suggest you look into taking actual delivery outside your retirement account, if possible.

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