Buffet Pigs Out - Again!

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#1 Thu, Aug 25, 2011 - 1:28pm
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Buffet Pigs Out - Again!

Monday: Buffet talks economy with Obama.

Tuesday/Wednesday: Bank of America looks like collapse.

Thursday (early): Buffet announces a $5 billion preferred stock deal with Bank of America.

Thursday (immediately after Buffet announcement): White House announces another bail out plan for distressed residential mortgages. B of A is loaded with these mortgages.

Buffet gets to sidle up to the tax payers buffet table (pun intended) and chow down on free money, compliments of Obama and the ever shrinking middle class. And get this - if JPM takes over B of A, 'Old Jimmy Boy' gets a nice fat percentage on the buy out! Crooked? No, not much (sarc off).


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