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Options Strategies

(For DIMWITS, HALFWITS, FULLWITS ...and everywhere in between!)

So. Here we are. This thread is born of a need that a group of us regular moms felt that we are ready to step up our investing to the next level. We sure find ourselves in perilous times. Many of us are doing all that we know to do. We buy and store extra foods, water, medicines, all kinds of basic supplies. We buy precious metals when and if our budgets allow. Most of us probably have a few shares of gold and/or silver miners. We sell extra household stuff on Ebay or Craigslist to come up with money to help fund any purchases of the above because our regular household budgets are already stretched with raising families. I didn't think that there were that many like me who still can't seem to make the physical stack grow; or who can't seem to accumulate very many mining shares; and who feel somewhat uneasy in the pit of their stomach because we sense that the Great Keynesian Experiment is accelerating to its end and we are not so ready. But after hearing a few moms just like me speak out.... I realize I am not alone. We are worried and we are in a hurry to do more and to achieve more with our limited fiat.

So.. HERE WE ARE! ...We want to add trading options and calls (and for those who are braver than me..selling them too) to our list of ways we are trying to achieve our above mentioned goals. We feel the need to step things up a bit and this is yet another avenue to 'get us there'. ...Stepping things up a bit, however, does not mean that we aren't careful or thoughtful or don't know what we are getting in to. We know the risks. We will individually assess any information put forth and decide for ourselves if we want to adopt another persons' approach. Every trade is not for every one. Personally, I have extremely limited fiat and will have to make small gains and try the 'rinse & repeat' strategy. So, the purpose of this thread will be to have a formal place to see if we can band together in laying out our options strategies, get and give ideas, help ourselves while hopefully helping others who stop here.

Ask questions, give advice, post helpful information garnered from this site and others, lay out your strategies, be willing to accept critique so that you can prevent making mistakes ..and above all.. ....be thankful for what we already have because, honestly, it's not mine anyway ..what little I have is entrusted to me by Him and He knows our needs and will care for us accordingly whether we make gains or lose everything. ...(Which.. uh.. hopefully won't happen!:)

Come one, come all! This thread started by the DIMWITS (Desperate Investing Moms Who Intend to Trade) welcomes WITS of all persuasions!

(And if we're really lucky.. maybe we'll attract a few really seasoned traders who lurk around this blog who will stop in from time to time to give us the benefit of their wisdom and/or to keep us from falling off a cliff if we are about to:)

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