StoveTec Rocket Stove

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StoveTec Rocket Stove

I am so stoked about this new stove that I had to share it here with my fellow Turdites. This little baby really puts out the btu's in short order. Very efficient. A small amount of wood or other biomass is all that is needed to boil a large amount of water. Ceramic lined with closed doors. This unit (and the other models) was originally developed for third world use, but now has found growing appreciation from prepers worldwide.

Here is the link to StoveTec:

The StoveTec Deluxe Metal Lined 2 Door Stove features a refractory metal liner covering the combustion chamber, new Swingform Technology(TM) hinged doors with fixed fire brick, new double thick cast iron top with 6 pot supports,  , double layered kiln fired floor and uses either wood or charcoal fuels.  The larger upper door and the lower ventilation door have reinforced metal frames and have hinges that serve to securely close the doors and regulate airflow.  We've reformulated our cast iron stove top and internal grate for added durability and also have included a replaceable secondary grate to increase airflow and protect lower fixed grate for charcoal burning operations.  Cooler to the touch when in use, our thicker, more durable stove body construction keeps you safe.
This efficient stove saves lots of fuel.  For wood burning operation slide wood fuel into the top hinged door opening. The small lower hinge door below the stick support controls air flow to the fire (which lowers emissions). When burning charcoal close the top hinge door with the attached fire brick after igniting the charcoal.  The rate of charcoal burn is controlled by opening and closing the lower hinge ventilation door.  Note that although charcoal burns hotter, the distance from the grate to the boiling pot does not allow for efficient water boiling operations.  Wood is the more efficient fuel for boiling water in the 2 door stove and has less impact on the environment. 

The 2 hinge Rocket stove doors allow for control of the air that enters the fire to speed up or slow down the rate of combustion. More air is needed to start a cold fire and to create a hot fire initially. Once the fire is going, partially closing the bottom door limits the air, increases heat transfer to the pot and reduces harmful emissions.

The Deluxe Metal Lined 2 Door Stove efficiently uses wood or charcoal to cook food.  Significant amounts of carbon monoxide are burned in the enclosed space above the fire. Frequently, burning wood embers provide enough charcoal fuel for prolonged simmering operations.  After creating wood embers, close the top door with the attached fire brick.  Keep the lower door slightly cracked open to insure the wood embers or charcoal fuel keeps burning for simmering food.

Dimensions: Stove D-11 in H-12 1/2 in  

Upper Door: W-4 1/2 in H-2 3/8 in Lower Door: W-2 3/8 in H-1 3/8 in


    •    Refractory metal lined combustion chamber
    •    Lightweight insulative ceramic chamber
    •    Two internal grates to hold both wood or charcoal fuels
    •    Two Swingform Technology(TM) hinged doors
    •    Double thick cast iron stove top with 6 pot supports
    •    Metal stick support & thicker combustion chamber floor
    •    Adjustable galvanized steel pot skirt
    •    Thick painted sheet metal body with reinforced doors
    •    Heat resistant plastic and steel handles
 I'll go ahead and post this in the forums as well. Apologies to all if this it too off thread. Just really love this little unit. I have no connection to this company other then being a happy customer.

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Stove Tec Stove

I have one too (wood-only version).   Some people say they can build a rocket stove for a lot less money.   Maybe so, but not one anywhere close to as strong or efficient as this one.   It is an excellent emergency or camping stove.

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I have been looking into

I have been looking into these and finally decided to take the plunge.... just ordered it!

They look like a very efficient little stove and I have been impressed by all the personal reviews.  I have decided on the top of line model... no point in going only half way!

Can't wait to try it out & I am still looking for a good Solar Oven.... 

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Solar ovens

Make one. I did yesterday and baked a big pan of BBQ beans today in it. They were delicious.

There's a link in a thread I started - "Step Right Up - Deals" to a page with lots of extremely simple solar oven plans. We made a 'minimal' box oven and it worked like a charm!

I agree on those stove-tech rocket stoves. I'm ordering one too next payday.

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My Stovetec arrived

My Stovetec arrived yesterday!  smiley

I immediately unpacked it and set it up with my mini-me.  We then proceeded to cook a couple of eggs (for mini-me) and pancakes for 3 people.... with only 3 sticks!!!  (about the size of the ones in the video reviews)

We still can't believe how we could cook all that and still have about 1/5 of the sticks left to burn!  You could not even start a normal fire with such little amount of fuel.... We are really impressed.  The product quality appears to be quite good as well.  you can even touch the outside of the stove while cooking and it is only mildly warm!  This shows how well the insulation works and ensures nearly all the generated heat is directed up to the cooking area.  I am so happy with this Stovetec.  BTW, I have the Deluxe 2 door version & highly recommend it!

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I don't have a Stovetec, but

I don't have a Stovetec, but I picked this book up a few years ago.  Rocket Mass Heaters are really really cool!

You can use them to heat a home.  That whole bench seat in the picture is heated by the stove and heats the room.

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