VOTE: QEIII announced at Jackson Hole?

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VOTE: QEIII announced at Jackson Hole?

I say no.  The market is acting like a meth head that hasn't had its fix for an hour.  Withdrawals haven't even begun and they're begging for more.

The next fix doesn't come until the user is convulsing on the floor laying in their own vomit.

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No.  But what do I know?  Just seems that would be way too obvious.  There will be something else, more of a stealth QE.  To me the big question to me is will equities crash when they get the no answer?  At the last announcement they went down for about 30 minutes after the no QE message.  Then everyone digested the rest of the announcement and the DOW ended up 400 points that day.

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No. They'll probably do the

No. They'll probably do the reverse repo crap and wait on overt qe until idiots in CONgress start crying for it.

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They will say no

They will say no but do it behind the curtain.

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Pretty sure Benflation will

Pretty sure Benflation will say what he always says, a bunch of quiver-lipped lies.

And I agree, they'll have to do it covertly but the S&P is still at 1160. We'd have to be well under 1000. Just waiting with my shorts pulled up tight to watch the real fireworks. 



"It's called the American dream, because you have to be asleep to believe it." ~George Carlin

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YES on QE3; NO they'll announce it

I don't think they'll officially announce QE3 this week, it's just too unpopular.  I agree that covertly QE3 is already being carried out.

The Fed and government will collaborate to “help” the housing market (again).  Anything to reduce mortgage payments… more of the same, but much much bigger… special streamlined refinance rates, write down loans, direct government loans that don’t have to be paid back, 0% down rent to own foreclosure homes, etc.   

Besides theft through taxation and confiscation, inflation is the only thing they know how to do.  Further debasement of the dollar is what we can expect.  Take advantage of days like today to buy more physical.  

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A rose by any other name is

A rose by any other name is still a rose. How can the US continue to issue debt at these levels without more easing? 

Oh yeah. Just in case I'm wrong I bought some TBT calls. I certainly think 23 is the bottom for a while, even if there's more printing of money.

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