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Organization and storage

Just curious how you guys keep your stack organized and pretty.

I'm talking mostly 90% coins rather than ASE's or the like. Already have tubes or air-tite's for those.

Right now I have everything in either paper rolls or in zip lock freezer bags and am almost out of room. Mostly dimes, quarters and half dollars.

I was thinking of putting everything in plastic coin tubes like these: because they're cheap and durable.

Any better options out there I'm missing?

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Paper Rolls

I just roll them up in paper rolls marking on the outside what they are (Silver Merc's, Silver Wash, Silver Franks, etc).  I found they fit real nice in some cardboard battery boxes (AA, AAA & 9V) that we get at work.  If I remember right, AAA fit double stacked dimes rolls, AA fit Quarters, 9V fit halves.  Once the box is full, I tape it shut and mark on the outside what's in it and how many rolls.  They stack really nice.

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