Flying internationally with gold

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Flying internationally with gold

Has anyone done it recently ? I know the topic has been discussed ad nauseam in other forums and i have read as much as i can... But wanted to put it up here for the fellow turdites to comment.

Im trying to fly about 30k worth of gold back to europe with me. I know that anything that has face value should be counted as such. 

Now, so i have it clear, is that 10k limit based on face value or spot value... ? What is the final word, gold and silver a "monetary instrument" ?

Copied from Customs website:  The requirement to import currency on a FinCEN 105 does not apply to imports of gold bullion.....What about exporting ?

Second,..if i report it as having more then 10k with me....what does that actually mean ?

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I'd like to know too

If Eagles are confiscated I'm taking my Philharmonics to Europe

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, gold and silver a

, gold and silver a "monetary instrument" ?

Not according to Ben Bernanke.  Tradition!

On a more serious note, there is this:

Looks like Krugerrands are no problem (bullion coin), but Gold Eagles might be (nominal legal tender face value).  I'm not a lawyer.  YMMV.


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