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Money Atlas accoun

Good morning all, Does anyone out there in Turdland have any direct experience dealing with the Monex in regards their Atlas account? I have purchased physical from monex in the past, just outright purchases with cash, and I've never had any problems at all. But since silver has surpassed about $25, accumulating the phyzz has become agonizingly slow. I am thinking about using their atlas program to put down 35% on a large order to lock in the current price, then pay it off and take delivery over the next several months. I do NOT intend on "trading" or "churning" on this account, which seems like the thing that causes problems. While I am in this position with monex, they hold the phyzz in their vaults in allocated form, with legal title of the metal transferred to me. I know there are negative reviews about monex, but my experience with them on physical has always been positive. I should also note that nobody at monex is trying to push me into this, it is strictly my own idea. Any advice would be much appreciated! Cheers.

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