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Real Assets

Real assets remain assets despite even catastrophic circumstance.

Illusions are not assets, even in the best of times.

If the SHTF bigtime and civilization is reduced, many here and on the survivalist sites and including moi look to hit it rich with our various preps including physical AG & AU. Watch what you wish for brothers. Observe carefully your motives and morals. Are we prepping for unwanted unfortunate circumstance full of suffering for so many and brought upon we humans by the greed and ignorance of the depraved? Or are we prepping for some self righteous, secretly wished for tribulation which will prove us so superior all along?

Profit from others suffering is the theme for those wicked fools who have wrought this mess. Please look to your hearts and wish for a soft landing for humankind even if all our prep turns for naught.

I'd dance in the streets to see AG@$250 and AU@$5000. Oh yeah! Early retirement and a nice ring for my sweetheart. But I fear such a windfall can only accompany a terrible waning of civilization. I will not wish for events which would yield vast suffering despite potential monetary profit.

Prep for Mad Max if it's your thing. Self sufficiency is a beautiful ideal. Commendable. But....

To wish for justice, to dream of righteous men leading nations, to desire a return to values and ethics and moral standards these are real assets to appreciate.

Look within first and be careful what you wish for.


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Fri, Aug 19, 2011 - 10:00pm
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I am constantly reminding

I am constantly reminding myself of all that you so beautifully expressed Bull. I'm sad and frustrated on big down days for silver... but then I find myself really sad and frustrated on huge up days like today. It unfortunately means my worst fears are coming true. I find myself praying to be put in the poor house regarding my silver hoard... though at this point I highly doubt that's the outcome we'll see. Watching my country and the whole world circling the drain is disturbing, but my heart does also yearn for Justice to be Righteously applied. (Then again, I do not deserve any mercy either... my savior paid for my sins.)