Composting Toilet, Home Made, Perfectly Safe and Sane

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Composting Toilet, Home Made, Perfectly Safe and Sane

The link is to "The Humanure Handbook" the absolute most comprehensive guide to all things composting toilets. Joseph Jenkins has developed a system of composting urine and feces to be safe for vegetable gardens. He's proven this by living the process for over 30 years.

I built a simple toilet  using a 5 gallon bucket and it's still in use at the farm along with several others. This is a clean, no odor, very safe method of handling a necessary part of life. Just think for a minute what your house would be like after a few days of no water. One of these and some sawdust, or any vegetation works in a pinch, and your sanitary needs are solved.

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Katie Rose
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Thank You!

I've been lurking for a long while, digesting all the wonderful information provided on this site.

I moved to the country in 2008, expecting everything to fall apart, never expecting that the taxpayers would be given the bill for the banker's criminal activity.

One of the things I've learned is the need for an outhouse by the barn/in the barn . Something about barns just triggers the need to go. And the house is often just too far away, especially on icy, snowy days when the driveway is Hell to traverse.

We have also just acknowledged the need for a second outhouse in our backyard. Last week our well pump died and we were in shock at how much water is required to keep the toilets going. We had power but no water and it was just plain ugly. It was a major "heads up!" for us.

I'll be purchasing the book.

Thank you for the information. It will save me much searching, as an outhouse was moving to the top of my "to do before winter" projects.


Katie Rose

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dont let anyone in the govt

dont let anyone in the govt (local/county or state) know you have an outhouse.

even on a farm, you will be hassled and most likely made to remove it.

we were hassled for our sawdust toilet that we set up while camping (even know we take it down/clean everything before we leave)

welcome to the freest country in the world :)

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I Don't Tell Anyone Anything They Don't Need to Know

Even though we live in a very libertarian county, we don't broadcast what we're up to by any means. There's always a busybody around to make one's life miserable.

The composting toilets I've built are about the same size as a standard toilet and fit nicely in a tent or cabin. An outhouse is rather obvious as to it's purpose, so it may draw attention from TPTB.

Taking back OUR country is a matter of multiple small acts of civil disobedience and withholding one's  consent for oppressive regulations. This life is not for the faint of heart.

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composting toilet for the homeless

In most places on Earth, people just call Public Restrooms "Public Toilets." In Britain, Hong Kong and Australia, they are sometimes informally called "Public Loos." Rarely, you may still hear an old guy call it a "Public Lavatory." Let's just call them PR's for short.
The worst thing any major metropolitan city's tourism department wants to learn about are 600 to 800 reports of human poop and/or urine on community sidewalks per month, yet that's exactly what San Francisco faces, states the town's Department of Public Works. Thankfully, Oakland-based ecological engineering company Hyphae Design Laboratory has come to flush the trouble away, reports the San Francisco Huffington Post. Hyphae believe eco-friendly “pooplets” are the answer to the insufficient toilets for the town's homeless. It may cost a huge but payday loan to get them set up though.Not only public toilets should be maintain clean but also those in every houses.Poor sanitary restrooms might give you illness like UTI which is common to every woman and diarrhea.

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Luggable Loo

For less than $20 (shipping included) you can get one off It is a simple plastic ring that fits on top of any 5 gallon bucket. Nice to have for a backup, or use as a primary in the barn, etc.

Just keep another pail of sawdust to cover the contents after each use.

It works best if you only make solid deposits. When it is about half full, take it to your compost pile. Be sure to follow the Humanure handbook. Even so, I WOULD NOT use the compost on ANY plants that produce food.

Don't forget that urine is sterile and is rich in nitrogen. Since I am a guy, I use old cranberry gallon juice bottles. Simply dilute to a 10% pee, 90% water ratio and apply to your plants.

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