The Gold Bubble, a perspective from the bankers who used to operate a horse drawn coach service

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The Gold Bubble, a perspective from the bankers who used to operate a horse drawn coach service

raked up out fo the muck this Market Update yesterday, whew!, it is more than interesting in regard to "who are these guys" ?, in light of the fact most are saying that Gold is in a Bubble, gulp! gulp, gasp! gulp!

After reading I am more convicted than ever that the bankers are nothing more than a band of Bubbleheads,

who are incapable of understanding what is actually about to happen to the markets, a place they are expected by most to understand.


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Fri, Aug 19, 2011 - 11:47am
Dr Durden
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All the more reason not to

All the more reason not to bank with UnWells Fargo.

Shenanigans as usual.

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Fri, Aug 19, 2011 - 12:22pm
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Along this matter

I just wasted a few minutes reading a yahoo finance arcticle on the gold bubble...what a bunch of BS, it's hard to believe these fools get to write an article, no wonder the sheep are so confused. I used to take some of this so called advice back in 07' and lost my ass in 08' which is what woke me up to the machine.

Their points of the fed raising rates to quash the gold spike is unreal....the US can't afford to pay bonds on any rates higher than just above zero! But nobody wants to call that obvious statement out in the mainstream. The Fed is backed into a corner and the ONLY way out is to keep inflating the currency and pay back with cheaper dollars. This "bubble" in gold will only pop when the dollar is dead and gold is revalued in other terms. I am waiting for the next pullback to add to my stack once more "Yes Yahoo! Again I am a buyer even at these crazy prices!" - Suck it!