Podcasts & Interviews - My favourites, share yours

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Podcasts & Interviews - My favourites, share yours

I have a lengthy commute a couple of times a week. For the last 18 months or so I having been filling this time with podcasts & interviews. The main sources are kingworldnews, FSN & goldseek as well as some youtube (converted to mp3) & other random things picked up from zerohedge comments.

Funny thing is, if I run out of interviews during the commute, I will put on some old ones - my favorites. These are the ones I would like to share, I'd love to listen to your favorites.

I must have listened to this interview 8 or 10 times, and I still pick up so much each listen. Fred goes back through the Keynesian nightmare from the 50's on, with special emphasis on Alan Greenspan & his bubble economy.

Audio on Freds Blog mp3 download Transcript

(background reference William McChesney Martin Jr - Statement before the House Committee of Finance, August 13 1957)

All of these can be converted to mp3 using opensource software ffmpeg. Youtube files can be downloaded in most cases with software freely availble on the web. I will put these up as downloadable mp3's if anyone wants them.

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